Top Tips To Freshen Up Your Social For Your Sustainable Business

It’s a new year and time for a fresh look at your social media! As more businesses are now taking a clear stance on introducing better, more sustainable practices, you need to make sure your ethics and goals are clear. 

Like a neglected skirting board, your social media accounts can start to feel a little tired and look unloved.

But with a quick once over, they’ll soon be feeling fresh and inviting and will be attracting new followers and fans.

Glove up. It’s time to unleash your inner Mrs Hinch 🧹

Tidy up your bios 💚

Over time the info in your bios can go out of date. Maybe your offering has changed or you’ve got new things to shout about. 

Take a close look to see if your bios still represent who you are and what you do. Is it clear what your brand represents and what you stand out as ethical/sustainable/eco-friendly? 

Check your branding, logo, images and messaging are consistent across all platforms. Are your banner images up to date and the right size for each platform?

Finally, check that weblinks are working and are sending people to the place you want them to go.

Clean up old accounts 👩‍💻

Chances are you’ve got a few social accounts that you don’t use very often. That’s OK, you don’t need to be on them all.

But have a look at those accounts and think about the message they’re sending out about your business. 

Have they got old branding? Could the fact you haven’t posted for years lead potential customers to think your business is closed?

Armed with this information, decide whether to bin the account or upcycle it. 

If you decide to keep it (even if you put it on hold), bring it up to date and in line with your other platforms. Include messaging and links to where else followers can find you.

Declutter your feed 🧘

Do you find yourself wading through endless posts that don’t add anything to your feed? 

Take time to review your ‘following’ lists and unfollow people who no longer add value. I LOVE doing this, it helps me focus on positive accounts that I find inspirational or useful and gets rid of any that trigger negative emotions. These could include: 

  • Accounts that aren’t relevant to your business 
  • Accounts that make you feel bad about yourself 
  • Dead accounts (they haven’t posted for months). This will reduce your following numbers

(Only do a handful at a time – some platforms can temporarily block your account if you go too crazy.)

While you’re at it, double check you’re following the people who support you, the people who comment on your content and champion your brand. It helps you get to know your audience and what content they respond to. 

Brush up on your competitors ⭐️

While it’s important not to get hung up on what your competitors are doing, it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on what they’re up to.

What type of content is working for them? Are they trying new things – using Reels or Guides on Instagram, for example?

Are their posts getting good engagement? If so, see if you can figure out why they’re attracting attention. Use this information to inspire you, but please don’t just copy it. Put your own unique spin on it and stay true to your Planet Positive brand values and voice.

Give your content a polish

Is your content feeling a bit jaded? Are you stuck in a rut, posting the same thing over and over again?

Then it’s time to dust off your content calendar and get creative. 

Go back to the drawing board and remind yourself who your ideal customer is and what they want to hear from you. 

Brainstorm new ideas, screengrab or save posts that have caught your attention, look at what’s worked in the past and think about how you can do more of that, but better!

The more enthusiasm you pour into your posts, the more your followers will get from them. Give them reasons to follow you, share your story and why you started your business. Be transparent about what you do to make your business eco-friendly and what you are still working on. Share tips, advice and how-to-guides that your followers will find valuable. 

Can’t see the wood for the trees and where you need to make changes? I can audit your social media and to give you a simple and effective review with tips to improve. If you need greater inspiration I can create a Strategy to help boost your brand name, tell your story and target  your dream audience. Drop me a line at to chat more. 

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